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Strategic Leadership is a Course

Strategic Leadership

Ended Aug 8, 2019

$2,000 Enroll

Full course description

August 5-7, 2019

This program is for high potential employees who have the ability to rise to the highest levels of the organization and those promoted into positions of strategic importance, in the recent past. 

This interactive program is comprised of an analysis of a real company, over a 10-year period, and facilitated by Anderson University, College of Business MBA faculty. All faculty facilitators have many years of industry experience and most, relevant C-Suite experience.  Participants will work in teams through 8 modules to see how their strategic decisions effect company outcomes and stakeholders.  At the end of the training, the former President of the company studied, will discuss the actual outcomes and strategic decisions made during the 10-year period, effects on the various stakeholders and the state of the company today.

Learning outcomes include:

1)      A holistic thought process regarding business strategy

2)      Organic and acquisition growth strategies

3)      Financial and Accounting considerations for growth

4)      Marketing considerations to grow business

5)      Geopolitical and economic factors and their impact on organizational decision-making

6)      Supply Chain issues and their effect on organizational strategy

7)      Human Resource implications of change management

8)      Strategies and decision making for low-cost country sourcing

9)      Decision-making and strategy around divestiture decisions