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Introduction to Old Testament is a Course

Introduction to Old Testament

Time limit: 90 days

$500 Enroll

Full course description

This course seeks to add to learner's understanding of the Old Testament in order to facilitate their use of the biblical text in teaching and leading within the local church and other ministry settings.

Course Learning Goals

1.Identify the important steps in the formation and canonization of the OT;

2.Identify and employ fundamental interpretive principles/tools in the study of the OT;

3.Describe the key theological themes and special textual and historical issues of the OT in general and individual books in particular;

4.Analyze and evaluate the introductory issues of the OT books, including issues of historicity, authorship, dating, provenance, outline, and message;

5.Apply the theological and practical contributions of the OT to one’s personal Christian walk and utilize the theological and practical contributions of the OT for personal spiritual growth and Christian ministry;

6.Recognize the authority and relevance of the message of the OT for understanding the rest of Scripture and the modern world.

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