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Supporting Remote Teachers is a Course

Supporting Remote Teachers

10.0 credits

$40 Enroll

Full course description

School leaders are accustomed to seeing and hearing the needs of their teachers and students in the hallways and classrooms. Remote teaching and learning, however, requires a different set of tools and a different approach than is typical. Throughout this certification course, instructional coaches, assistant principals, and other administrators will develop a remote staff support contingency plan that takes into account the variety of needs and tools to develop resilient staff.

Group discounts available - email for inquiries. 

How is the course organized?

The course is divided into five modules with an overview, resources, and an application assignment in each. The application assignments build upon one another, so each module will open upon submission of an assignment. 

How will I be graded?

Assignments are graded as complete or incomplete by a facilitator within 24-48 hours. The facilitator will look for an understanding of the assignment's purpose in accordance with the course and individual module, but we expect there will be a a variety of ways for these assignments to be completed depending on your individual needs. 

How long does it take to finish this course?

You have as much time as needed to complete this course, but we have set the time expectation at ten hours, which your certificate will indicate. 

When will I receive my certificate? 

Your certificate will be automatically awarded upon earning a completion grade for all five assignments. It will be available to download and print in your Canvas dashboard.